A Reintroduction

Hello, hi, how are you?

You may have noticed, if you have been following me for a while, that my blog has had a bit of a makeover – about time, right? So, I felt it was probably the perfect time to reintroduce myself to you, whether you have followed me for a while, or you are a newbie to this community.

My name is Rebecca Thomas, but most of you will know me as Becca – Hello, hi, how are you?

When I first started my ‘blogging’ journey, it was in my bedroom 10 years ago at my Mum and Dad’s house and I posted about lifestyle, books, games and all that geeky stuff – basically, whatever interested me at the time. I was still in school; I was in the safe haven that was my family home. Growing up, I was so lucky – surrounded by a supportive family unit. My mum was always around for my brother and I, so there was always someone there if we had a problem or needed some advice. Sure, we struggled to make ends meet sometimes and we wouldn’t have as much ‘stuff’ as other people – but the ‘stuff’ didn’t matter. We had each other and that is all I could have hoped for throughout my childhood and teen years. I will be forever grateful for those who raised me and helped build the foundations of the person I am today.

As I creeped into adulthood, I continued my blogging journey, but of course with adulthood, comes new responsibilities and jobs; so, I didn’t dedicate as much time to it as I would have liked. But then came an unexpected journey that would completely turn my life upside down, side ways and back again. It would force me to revaluate how I saw the world.

I married an incredible man named Daniel Thomas. Dan, for those of you who didn’t know, suffered from a rare form of aggressive* cancer. He wanted to show the world that life was good, despite its flaws, by encouraging everyone to live the best life they possibly could. Dan documented his journey right up until he passed away on 28th September 2018.

I don’t want to risk ‘condensing’ what Dan was into a matter of paragraphs – that would be impossible. His larger than life personality and thirst for more time opened my eyes to how life should be lived and I will continue to carry this with me for the rest of my time on this earth. Before I met him, I’d accepted the fact that I would be in a 9-5 job, maybe go on a few adventures here and there and just conform to what society expected of me. But he taught me that life is far more than that. Which brings me to where I am at now.

For a while, I felt like I could only write about ‘grief’ as a young person – I’m in my twenties, so it is expected that people have been curious about this. Although this has helped me a lot, I realised I’d come away from writing what I wanted to write about. I missed being that girl in her Mum and Dad’s house all those years ago writing about things that she was truly passionate about. So, unintentionally, I was falling back into the pattern Dan told me to avoid; pleasing everyone but myself. He wanted me to write about the things I loved, to go on adventures and continue to show the world how glorious life could be.

My life since Dan has been so much more than just the traditional, negative sides of grief. Yes, it has been a lot of ups and downs – I will never pretend it has been easy. I will also continue to write about my mental health journey, now and always. But instead of living in a depressed haze of sadness, I have tried to live each day to the fullest and I would love for you guys to read about some of my interests, ideas and passions, both new and old. I will always write about Dan – he is the reason that this ‘blogging’ journey has continued and almost reached its 10th birthday. Before I met Dan, I had just deleted an Instagram account with over 17,000 followers – I know, madness. From my ‘beccabenerding’ days, to now – he is the reason that I will never give up on my blog entirely. However, I am not here to keep him alive. I am not here to just share my grief publicly. I am here to show you what the world looks like through my eyes.

That being said, hello, hi, how are you? I am Becca, and I love to read and write and get into long conversations about everything and nothing. I’ve been through a lot in my short time on this earth, and I hope to experience a ‘chuffing’ lot more of it. I am ready to live my best life, and I hope you’ll come on this long and confusing journey with me – let’s tackle it together.

Oh, and remember: Smile, I dare you.

Becca x

*remind me to find a better adjective next time – ‘aggressive’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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