My name is Rebecca Thomas, but most of you will know me as Becca.


When I first started my ‘blogging’ journey, it was in my bedroom at my Mum and Dad’s house and I posted about lifestyle, books, games and all that geeky stuff – basically, whatever interested me at the time.


I was still studying and living in the safe haven that was my family home. However, as I have got older, life has changed just a smidge.

In 2018, I married my husband Daniel Thomas. Dan (better known online as PeeWeeToms) passed away on 28th September 2018. He documented his battle with cancer, with the aim of supporting people and encouraging everyone to live their best lives. Dan taught me what it truly meant to live and not take life too seriously.


Before I met him, I’d accepted the fact that I would be in a 9-5 job, maybe go on a few adventures here and there and just conform to what society expected of me. But, since Dan, I intend to make the most out of the life I have been given.  

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