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In an attempt to spread a little positivity, I decided to start the 'Smile, I dare you.' photo feature both on my website and my Instagram.

Basically, all you have to do is send me (either via #smileidareyou on Instagram, a message, or via my e-mail) a photograph of you smiling. Along with this, I would like you to also give me a reason why you might NOT smile - wait, what? Hear me out. Life is tough, we all know it. There are plenty of reasons not to smile. So, tell me about them. But, after your reason NOT to, tell me why you DO.

I hope that this will help people dealing with sadness, loss, mental health and other things that are thrown our way in life. We can all find a tiny reason to smile, why not share them with me? So, I've got one thing left to say:

Smile, I dare you.

(For more info, drop me a message/e-mail)



 "My own husband died suddenly 15 years ago this month. I was only 22 and pregnant with this little munchkin who is now 14! I usually absolutely detest photos of myself I've put on loads of weight in the last few years. I struggled to go to this wedding due to severe anxiety, general health issues and I was supposed to be going with my partner of 7 years but we broke up so my daughter offered to come and even wear a dress (she's a tom boy) this photo was taken without our knowledge and when my friend sent it to me it made me cry. Because look at us! I have NO idea what we were laughing at but all the stress, depression and anxiety etc and we can still smile and laugh like that. If I'm ever feeling particularly terrible I look at it and it reminds me why. Just why. Thanks for reading x" -Sent in via Instagram from @clairebear19826